Thursday, November 14, 2019

Nifty Live & Bank Nifty Live Technical Analysis With Dean Market Profile...

Nifty Technical Analysis (Live Market Profile Analysis For Nifty and Bank nifty) watch this live stream if you want to know what Nifty and Bank nifty did last week and how to prepare for next week...

My New Market Profile Book -

Nifty next week is the segment where I use market profile analysis to understand what Nifty and Bank Nifty did last week and prepare for what they might do next week. Nifty next week is not a prediction but an attempt to find important levels, targets, trends and forecast activity for next week.

Here we will discuss bank nifty and nifty strategy for next week and prepare analysis and futures and options trading strategies.

Having an idea about what bank nifty and nifty may do tomorrow can be a big help is today's high volatility environment.

We use market profile, order flow and volume spread analysis to find out bank nifty and nifty strategy, levels, trends and targets for next week.

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