Saturday, August 31, 2019

Market Profile Concepts Short Forms Explained

Market Profile Concepts - Short Forms Explained

Market profile concepts can seem confusing sometimes. Add to it my habit of using short forms it becomes even more confusing. But now there is a solution. Today I am sharing the full forms of approximately 50 market profile concepts and terminologies which I often mention in my analysis in the form of acronyms.

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Some of these terms are explained in great detail in my market profile course. (link:

These concepts include terms like market profile day types, (ND, NVD, NEX, DDT) or market profile value area (YVA), Failed auction in market profile (FA, FBO) and HVN in market profile (HVN, LVN, CHVN), one time framing in market profile (OTFing), point of control in market profile (POC), poor highs and lows (PH, PL) and much more.

I hope this video will make it easy for you to understand these concepts and you can make use of it in your trading using market profile.

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