Monday, December 10, 2018

Converge 2018: Volume Spread Analysis By Dean

How VSA Can Help You In Your Trading?

VSA is catching on as one of the most popular ways of analysing the markets. With its focus on what the "smart money" is doing at any given point in time, it is ideal for "retail traders".

It gives retail traders like you and me to avoid getting sucked into the traps set by smart money. In fact, we can go one step ahead and even spot what the smart money is about to do and even benefit from their plans.

Below is a quick video which discusses what VSA is all about...

I hope you liked the video, and I am sure you must be having a lot of questions and doubts about it. If you don't have any doubts or questions then surely you must be wondering,

  • How you can learn more about VSA?
  • How can I find some good trades using VSA?
  • Where can I find a reliable resource to take this topic of VSA further?
Well if you have any of the above questions in the remotest corner of your mind, don't hesitate to ask me more about it, I am always there to help...

Converge 2018: Volume Spread Analysis By Dean

Here I would like to share with you one of my events, Converge 2018. This happened in Banglore during the first week of Oct 2018. I spoke about VSA at this 3-day conference on Technical Analysis.

You can learn all about.
  • What transpired during that event?
  • What I shared at the event?
  • What topics did I cover?
You can find all about it on this page, so go ahead and check it out here...

Let me know what you think about it and as always if you have any questions or doubts the go ahead and put it in the comments window below right now and I shall get back to you immediately...

Always with you...

PS: It was great fun to interact with Converge 2018 participants. The questions at the event brought out the best in me. You will definitely feel proud for sharing this with your friends and colleagues.

Sharing Is Caring 👇👇👇 

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