Thursday, April 25, 2013

DI - Technical Update

  1. This is a monthly chart of DI.
  2. We can see a trending period of approx 4 years followed by a coiling pattern for double that time approx 8 years.
  3. Now such a  long consolidation should be followed by a burst of price action, which way we cannot say right now.
  4. Many of the wise ones are predicting either an upmove or a downmove, but we cant be sure unless prices confirm.
  5. Another possibility is for this coiling to continue, which might delay the eventual trending move.
  6. So we have a great pattern on a very long term fractal, and if we remain patient and wait for a clear BO/BD from this triangular consolidation, we should get a multi year trending move to play with.
  7. Now that would not be such a bad deal. 
  8. SO don't get ahead of yourself and certainly not the markets, just wait patiently, and  reap the benefits.

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