Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stock Ideas

  1. Andhra Bank is sporting an Inv HnS. As it usually happens we get 4 touch points to form a triangle, inside an Inv HnS as marked on the chart.We have broken out of the NL.
  2. Whats interesting is the fact that we are already testing the NL, forming a small flag.
  3. A BO from this flag should indeed be rewarding. Keep SL at 113.
  1. Central Bank on a similar note has broken out of the Inv HnS. The right shoulder of this Inv HnS is an Inv HnS too.
  2. We have tested the NL, and now should advance steadily towards the measured target of 100. We can keep a SL at 79.
  1. Punjlloyd has been in a devastating down trend. An interesting development is seen throughout last year. We have formed a triangle, which may act as a reversal pattern, at least for the short term.
  2. We have staged a BO from the triangle upper boundary, also tested it by forming a flag. A BO from the flag should be bought.
  3. The measured target comes around 75. A SL of 57 should be kept.
  1. Rpower has formed an Inv HnS. With obvious implications of  an up move if NL is broken. In this stock, we have a flag forming below the NL. Sl the BO from the flag should also break the NL, for this to become a valid trade.
  2. A SL should be kept at 97.50. If this pattern works out fine, we may see Rpower in higher 130's.


  1. all sl get hit except one..tough time all the best for future

    1. Thanks for your wishes.
      These stock ideas are not recommendations, just an observed set of favorable conditions. There is no guarantee of them succeeding, and besides one should use their own trading system, to trade on such ideas.
      Also if you would study the post in detail, you would find that none of the stocks discussed actually have given a trading signal as of yet. None of them broke out of their flags, Rpower on the contrary broke down from its flag (but never broke out) so technically, since the trade is not triggered yet, SL cannot be hit.
      Anyways I don't want to defend my position, but just want to suggest that, this blog is for sharing my experience in the markets, and is not a place where great riches are promised, without efforts.
      Also let me make it clear, the discussions on this blog require a basic understanding of TA, and some minimum level of market experience, to comprehend fully. This blog is meant for discussing ideas not following them blindly.


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